Walford Cunningham & Hayes benefits from a number of highly experienced Associates and a senior management team, who bring with them a wealth and diversity of knowledge, upon which portfolio businesses and clients can draw.

Walford Cunningham & Hayes was founded in 2012 as a uniquely positioned Venture Capital (Institutional Angel Investor) and Advisory business, designed to specialise within Start-up entities and Small Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs), catering for the unique demands of businesses within this segment.

The business consists of four core areas; Advisory Services, Director Services, Funding Services and the management of our own Investment Portfolio. These four areas are presented in further detail within this website.

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INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO (opens its own page – ronak)


Walford Cunningham & Hayes have designed their team around our concept of a ‘Alpha Team.’ Being able to be dropped in to a business to act as a super charger in develivering real results and added value.

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